National search for man behind Cleveland Facebook shooting continues, reward offered


Dozens of people turned out for a Monday evening vigil on East 93rd Street in Cleveland to honor the life of Robert Godwin, Sr.

Godwin was out collecting cans in the neighborhood after Easter dinner with his family on Sunday, when police say Steve Stephens shot and killed him and then posted a video of the crime on Facebook.

Now balloons and stuffed animals mark the spot where Godwin’s life ended so senselessly.


$50,000 reward has been offered for information leading to the suspect’s arrest.

Robert Godwin Sr. was a father of nine and had 14 grandchildren. His young sons struggled through tears at the vigil to talk about how much they love their father.

“He killed my daddy for no reason,” said Marshawn, 8 years old, as he cried.

Godwin’s family was in the middle of planning a birthday party for his son Terrell.

“He always loved me,” said Terrell, who is about to turn 11 years old.

Their mother, Angela Small, had strong words for the shooter.

“This is his son, three days before his birthday. He ain’t got no daddy,” she said. “You see what you did to my babies?”

Small is the mother of Robert’s two youngest sons.

“I’m trying to stop crying. But it’s hard. He was a good man,” she said.

She says Robert loved gospel music and fishing and spending time with his two youngest sons.

Small spoke directly to Stephens during Monday’s interview.

“We need him to turn himself in. You already took one life. You done took our family and turned it upside down. And you need to turn yourself in, nobody else needs to get hurt,” she said.


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