Cleveland Facebook Killer: Steve Stephens Dead in Car After Pursuit by Pa. Police

 CLEVELAND, Ohio — After a three-day manhunt that spanned the country, Facebook killer Steve Stephens was spotted in the parking lot of an Erie, Pennsylvania McDonald’s before he led troopers on a brief chase and shot himself to death. Someone saw Stephens in his white 2016 Ford Fusion about 11 a.m. Tuesday at a McDonald’s in Erie, Pennsylvania, Cleveland police Chief Calvin Williams said. Officials have not said whether someone will claim the $50,000 reward offered by federal authorities.
Troopers from the Pennsylvania State Police responded to the tip and Stephens sped away, police said.  The troopers gave chase for less than a mile before Stephens pulled over, Williams said. Stephens pulled out a gun and shot himself as the troopers approached the car, Williams said. He was pronounced dead at the scene. Cleveland police are on their way to Erie now to learn more about the pursuit. It is not yet known where Stephens was prior to Tuesday’s sighting or if someone harbored him in the days since Robert Godwin Sr. 74, was randomly shot dead in Cleveland. Police investigated after a cell phone ping in Erie on Sunday caught their attention. Federal partners have remained on the ground since then, but Williams said police anticipated heading back to the area today for a further search when they received word Stephens was dead. Pennsylvania State police tweeted at about 11:45 a.m. that Stephens was dead after a pursuit.

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