ALL VIDEOS of Stevie Steve Cleveland Facebook Easter Day Rampage



7 thoughts on “ALL VIDEOS of Stevie Steve Cleveland Facebook Easter Day Rampage

  1. OMG, I feel so horrible for EVERYBODY involved, especially his mother who could have prevented this


    1. I mean really what could she do. She told him to stop. He is the only one to blame here. This is premeditated murder all day. I just pray they get him before someone else gets killed.


  2. Right now he is the bad guy. What does he think we’re thinking of him. I don’t care about you saying he’s a good guy. He is a monster. If u think he’s such a good guy, invite him over to your freekin house right now joy lane. See how great he is.


  3. Shockingly I’m not surprised that something like this could happen, we live in a world that is full of lies and deception. Behind the many faces and messed up childhood of this young man I’m seeing a lot of sadness and fear, most likely his life will end without receiving the help he desperately needs. My heart breaks for those who have died at the hands of this guy, and the ones closest to him. Only the Lord can save him now!


  4. he wants killed. he is killing others in calm, cold, uncaring way because he has given up on his own life and wants to die and for punishing the world in general for not caring about him. people who do this shooting rampage or suicide do it for attention, to get people to know who they are, to be heard, and because somewhere way back they felt unloved and disrespected and hurt real deep.

    So now we have to kill him to stop him because that is what he wants. He wants out.


  5. Cassandra lax 17 April 2017 — 20:57

    The Devil is a busy man


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